Invisible Bus Bay


You don't RUN to where the bus stops."

This is the first difference you will notice with the 'Invisible Bus Bay-Smart Bus Stop'.

So, In future, if you are standing at a Designated Bus Stop marked with the IBB logo, you can afford to relax, read a paper and not spill onto the road craning your neck, anxious to spot the bus, wave it down and wait like a starter at a race to run to where the whimsical driver decides to stop.
- Nor do you have to worry that the driver will ignore the lone you and instead stop at the group further up the road.
- Nor do you have to worry that the driver may stop in the middle of the road.
- Nor do you have to worry that your bus stopped behind two other buses and the driver will take off before you negotiate to the door.

Invisible bus bay
Invisible bus bay

'CATCH' a bus? Not anymore.

Invisible bus bay

Prompted by media reports, public outrage and after an extensive opinion survey and intense R&D for two years we have developed a patent pending technology capable of delivering a powerful, scalable, cost effective solution to a major problem faced by all Public Transport Corporations and passengers.

"Invisible Bus Bay" is a revolutionary product designed to corral errant public transport buses, which by their sheer volume play a vital role in the overall traffic situation of a city. Any improvement in the driving and parking of these vehicles will not only benefit the commuters and save innocent lives, but also result in less chaotic and more streamlined traffic. This reduces stress, road rage, fuel consumption, emissions and travelling time of not just the public transport but also private vehicles.

Our proprietary technology enables STCs to
1. Identify and exactly mark the location of bus stops and
2. Control the distance from the kerb at which the bus stops at these designated bus stops,
both of which are presently left to the whims and fancies of the drivers.

This is an infallible system and cannot be subverted by careless drivers.

Invisible bus bay

Last Mile connectivity


Last METER connectivity

'Last Mile Connectivity' and 'Accessibility' are metrics for designing and assessing any public transport system. But at IBB, we are addressing a unique problem we call the "Last METER connectivity". How safe is the Last Meter, from the kerb to the bus door?" since commuters in India are most vulnerable here and a majority of accidents happen at the 'Last Meter'.

IBB ensures this crucial Meter is safe.